About Us

ARGUS Credit Rating Services Ltd. (ACRSL) is the next-generation Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh. Founded as a joint-venture between global experts in credit & equity research and local sponsors with strong capital markets track record, ACRSL received its license from the SEC in 2011. Since then Argus completed more than 6200 rating assignments including Banks, NBFI’s, Insurance, Financial Instruments, Large and reputed corporate entities and SME clients. Quality report, timely delivery and extraordinary service through multinational standard relationship management. Argus is now a prominent name in the Industry and considered as preferred choice for Credit rating service.


To become the pre-eminent Credit Rating Agency in Bangladesh through the dint of our unwavering independence, uncompromising quality, and unmatched innovation.


  • To earn a high reputation for integrity through the exercise of objectivity, fairness, and independence.
  • To provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at improving the efficiency of our credit markets.
  • To maintain the highest standards of quality in every rating, every product, and every service we provide.
  • To open up new frontiers in the credit markets through innovation, cross-pollination of ideas, and technology transfer from international partners.
  • To train the next-generation of local talent to global standards.

International Affiliations

ACRSL is partnered with DP Information Group (“DP”), the premier credit rating agency of Singapore for over 30 years. Having pioneered credit rating in Singapore, DP has played an influential role in the development of the credit rating sector in China, Indonesia, and Philippines. Further, DP’s parent company, the UK based Experian Group is one of the world’s top credit reference agencies.

Our Strengths

Our People:

The ARGUS Engagement Team is a group of highly trained professionals, comprising of local experts with understanding of local economy and industry and international credit rating experts.

Our Process:

We have a highly evolved international-standard rating process, developed jointly by ACRSL and DP for rating services. DP has an established track-record in Asian credit rating markets and our process reflects that insight.

Our Analytical Tools:

We have a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative tools that set us apart in the Credit Rating industry. These include mathematical models, filtering technology, fundamental sector / entity research backed by our robust financial database of listed and unlisted companies of Bangladesh.